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We are a private, member-owned, and operated club located in Potomac, MD.

At this time we have a limited number of Platinum memberships available for the 2024 season.

All memberships are annual and begin on the date of purchase.

Membership Categories


(equity member) 

$2,800 initiation fee

Platinum member benefits include:

Discounts on Tennis and Swim & Dive Team fees

Discounts on Pavilion Rentals

Priority booking for Winter Tennis - Contract Time 

The ability to freeze their membership (inactive fees apply)

The ability to transfer their membership (and recoup initiation fees) to another interested family or with the sale of their home (transfer fees apply)


(non-equity member)

$1600 initiation fee

Gold members are subject to higher annual dues, do not receive the same discounts or priority on programs, and do not have the ability to sell or freeze their membership.

Membership Types


(one adult)

Gold Dues- $1000

Platinum Dues- $825


(two adults and all children in the household)

Gold Dues- $1250

Platinum Dues- $1025


requires 5 years of continuous active membership AND no children in the household OR age 65+

(two adults)

Gold Dues- $775

Platinum Dues- $575


PSTC issues a limited number of each Platinum and Gold memberships.

We are currently at our capacity for Gold memberships.

As of 7/1/2024, we have limited Platinum memberships available.


Membership FAQs

Do you offer monthly memberships?

No- all of our memberships are annual. We do offer monthly installment options for annual dues.

Do I need a membership to join one of the PSTC teams?

Yes, an active membership is required for registration and participation on any of our teams.

I am a Gold Member- can I upgrade to a Platinum Membership?

Yes, Gold members may upgrade to a Platinum Membership at any time by paying the difference in initiation fees (currently $1,200).

Can I freeze my membership for 6 months?

No- like our memberships, freezes are issued for a year. When a Platinum member requests a freeze, they are charged a $250 annual freeze fee and their membership will be inactive for 12 months. Gold members do not qualify for freezes.

I was a member but my membership has lapsed. What are my options to rejoin?

Platinum members have the option of paying the inactive fee for each year their membership lapsed to be reinstated.

Gold members are subject to paying the current initiation fee to reinstate their membership. 

Do you offer just swim or tennis memberships?

No, all of our memberships grant access to all areas of the facility and all events.

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