Want to get some tennis play in before the day is fully underway?!  In the indoor season, PSTC offers early bird tennis in the bubble.  The early bird season fee is $400, and allows early bird players to play as many days of the week that they like on the three indoor courts, from 6:30 to 8 am.  Members may reserve a court up to two weeks in advance.  As always, guests are welcome, but the member is responsible for the $15 guest fee. 

Join PSTC as a winter member and then click here for Early Bird payment.

To reserve a court, click here for Early Bird Court Reservations.


Early Bird (EB) Program Quick Fact Sheet

  • The program runs Mon - Sat from 6:30 - 8:00 am. We will not open on Sundays, but spot time is available at 8:00 am on Sundays.
  • The program starts on (or around) Oct 24 and ends on (or around) April 15.
  • The program is limited to 22 winter member players on our 3 indoor courts.  Early Bird Players from prior seasons will have a place held for them until Oct 1, after which they risk losing their spot to other interested players.  You can hold your place by contacting Tom Salcetti, or simply paying the membership dues and program fees online.
  • The EB program requires a winter membership at the club at a cost of $150. This membership entitles the player to purchase other programs of interest (contract time, spot time, clinics, lessons), in addition to the Early Bird program.
  • The cost of the Early Bird program is $400.
  • Guests of members are welcome but must be "announced" through our reservation system (Sign-Up Genius), or on-site sheet with the accompanying guest fee of $15 per EB session charged to the member account or paid for at the time by cash or check left at the sign-in desk.
  • "Unannounced guests" are not welcome, and the accompanying member shall be charged $35 against their account.  Security cameras and employees will monitor court usage on a daily basis.
  • We use Sign-Up Genius to reserve your court time through the EB season.  We strongly encourage you to take the extra 1-2 minutes to utilize this reservation system in order to guarantee your court and for you to see court usage.  WALK-ONs with no reservation MUST Yield court to EB members with court reservations.  You can reserve a court with Sign-Up Genius by clicking here.  
  • A player roster will be posted in the EB sign-in book providing contact information for other players/games.